Learning about sleep, trauma and the brain

Welcome to the Sleep & Health Applied Research Project ("SHARP")

The SHARP mission:

Our science serves a number of stakeholders, including Veterans and other affected patients, clinicians, the scientific community, and the general public. We work closely with the community to improve quality of life through our cutting edge research.

  • We seek to understand the neuroscience of sleep, and how this can be optimized to improve quality of life in health and disease.
  • Through our research, we hope to discover new therapies for TBI, PTSD, chronic pain, neurodevelopmental disorders and dementia.
  • Our approaches range from:
    • Survey-based questionnaires
    • Reaction time and memory testing
    • Saliva and/or blood collection
    • Monitoring of activity and sleep using wristwatch-based devices, bed mats, light sensors, and/or other unobtrusive sensors in the home
    • MRI scans of the brain
    • Randomized clinical trials testing dietary supplements and other lifestyle based interventions to improve sleep, pain, memory and/or mood.

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"To sleep, perchance to dream..."

Portland VA Research Foundation

Sleep Disorders Clinic

Oregon Health & Science University

Departments of Neurology, Medicine, and Behavioral Neuroscience,
Oregon Institute of Occapational Health Services

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